Item You Buy You Sell Your Profit Profit Margin
Dual Layer Phone Case $ 8.00 $ $ 46.67%
3D Wrap Phone Case $ 8.00 $ $ 46.67%
Canvas Phone Wallet $ 8.00 $ $ 46.67%
Round Mousepad $ 6.00 $ $ 53.85%
Rectangle Mousepad $ 6.00 $ $ 53.85%
Large Mousepad $ 7.25 $ $ 51.67%


You Buy – Price includes all costs (product, fulfillment, shipping, etc).  Does not include sales tax (when applicable).

You Sell – You can choose to sell our products at any price, there is no MAP (Minimum Advertising Price) requirement.  You don’t need to disclose your selling price to us.

Your Profit – You decide the final price, the higher you sell the more profit you earn. You keep 100% of your profits.

Profit Margin – Profit margin depends on the price you buy and the price you sell. You set your own profit margins. We recommend a profit margin of at least 30%. One way to achieve that is offering your own unique designs and selling a product that no other sellers are offering.


We priced our products competitively so you can earn more. We only add a small profit for our items, remember our cost already includes the cost of the item, printing cost, pick and packing, and even postage cost because we believe the more you can make, the more we can make over time.