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Start Making Extra Money With Acetag Affiliate Program!


What is an Affiliate Program? will pay you commission when your website drive qualified traffic to our site. All you have to do is to place's banner ad on your website and every confirmed sales that came from your website, we will pay you 15% of the whole sale order! It's simple, easy, and most of all, its risk free for you as the publisher. There is no cost to you, except the initial time to place the banner on your site. If you need help with this, just let us know.

Guaranteed Payment. A Company you can Trust!

Received up to 15% commission for each successful order. Each payment is guaranteed as we work with, one of the largest affiliate network management company that work with merchants and affiliates. We deposit prepaid funds into our Shareasale accounts. All you have to do is sign up FREE with Shareasale, publish our banners, drive qualified traffic, and they pay you directly!

TOP 11 Reasons to Join Affiliate Program

  1. High commission payout from us. Up to 15% for you!
  2. We will provide the banners. And help with setup, if necessary.
  3. We specialize in cell phone accessories, making our customers highly niche and more likely to purchase.
  4. Excellent customer service and low-return rate.
  5. High conversion rates. We have the most competitive pricing in this industry, and we know customers will come back more than once.
  6. 60 Day Referral Period! That is right, if customers don't purchase from us the first visit, as long as they make a purchase within 60 days, you still get the commission. Afterall, it was your site that help them get here!
  7. Free Shipping on all orders. Customers love no-hassle free shipping and we provide this.
  8. No Tax on all orders. We pay all sales tax for our customers.
  9. You pick and choose the products! We have a huge product line, so you can choose to promote products that match your site and needs, thus driving more targeted traffic to our site. We support product feeds
  10. Auto accept for all sites.* We accept all site regardless of web traffic or content, so if you're a start-up or an established corporate site, the process is still the same. Automatic acceptance into our program.
  11. Best of all, this is absolutely FREE. There is no setup cost, no monthly cost, and no ongoing cost for you. No commitment. If you don't see the revenues coming in, just remove the banners, is really that simple.

***Note: We do not accept sites that contain gambling, pornographic, hateful, and illegal content